The J-K Heritage Foundation (JKHF) was established as an IRS public charity nonprofit on January 15, 2009. Local residents gathered and organized in response to an effort from the City of Kendrick to demolish the town’s 100-year old historic train depot. Despite the many challenges faced to preserve the depot, we strongly believed its restoration would have contributed to Kendrick and the Potlatch Valley’s historical heritage, as well providing an economic asset as a tourist draw because of its being the last depot of its design continuing to stand at its original site. Our year-long effort failed. By January 26, 2010, the depot had been completely demolished. The city quickly placed a garbage recycle bin at the former depot site along our Potlatch River waterfront. JKHF received its first award for their preservation efforts in trying to save the Kendrick Depot.

     JKHF a totally volunteer organization draws its energetic and productive work force from those who have a passion for preserving the cultural heritage in our 270 square mile service area. Families can be found here that continue to manage farms, ranches and/or timber homesteads, some acquired in the late 1800s. Our diverse projects are strategically planned and mission-matched. A click on the Accomplishment timeline documents our numerous triumphs.

      Annual membership dues, memorials, general donations, grants and publication sales are depended upon for operating and project needs. No federal or state funds are provided to us as a historical society. Our public nonprofit status allows donors to use the value of their JKHF gift as a federal tax deduction. We are very interested in creating partnering relationships and encourage your input. Please let us hear from you!

     JKHF SERVICE AREA: The North Central Idaho rural communities of Juliaetta, Kendrick, Leland, Taney, Cameron, Southwick, Crescent, and Cavendish, as well as Bear Ridge, Texas Ridge, Potlatch Ridge, Cedar Ridge, Fix Ridge, Little Bear Ridge, and American Ridge are included in the area we service.

  2010 - before enovation


HOME Location Overview: Our second floor space encompasses 2,580 sq. ft. in the 8,200 sq. ft. building used as Kendrick's Community Center. It has a Fraternal Temple nameplate located at 614 E. Main in Kendrick. The public area "Grand Room" and entry room allows for meetings, educational sessions, a research center and Kendrick's only historical museum. A grand opening was held on April 25, 2015. Open hours and contact numbers for private tours to the museum and research center usage are posted on this site's front page and on the building's stairway entrance door.

Brick Repair Overview

 The Fraternal Temple building's external brickwork is only one unique feature that placed our 1905 Community Center building on the National Register of Historic Places listing. Some of the bricks came from Kendrick's Fruchtl Brick Company. Generous grant and public support dollars, totaling $11,450.00 in 2013, allowed critical leaks and crumbling brick wall supporting area repairs. Spray washing the building in 2014 caused critical restorations in Phase 4 plans to be re-evaluated on how best to spend the acquired $18,000.00. 100 years of moss and dirt were found to be the only substance holding some of the TDS facing wall in place! Long-term roof drainage & parapet wall fixes were provided and 3 1/4 of the building's walls now have all critical brick areas aligned. The two pictures are before 2014 repairs. This work was performed under the chairmanship of Chris Kowrach, who did an outstanding job.


January 26, 2010 Kendrick City Council demolished the over 100-year-old Kendrick RR depot.

May 2010 Orchid Award received from Preservation Idaho for the positive efforts to the Kendrick Depot.

May 29, 2010 Kendrick's Locust Blossom Festival booth & Sales of "Letters From the Front" Volume I began.

June 7, 1010 Latah County Community Foundation grant received for a newsletter & web site development.

Sept. 11, 2010 Juliaetta Blackberry Festival booth participation.

Fall of 2010 Community-wide renovation efforts provided to restoring Kendrick's Fraternal Temple building.

October 5, 2010 Latah County Arts & Culture Committee grant received for an external hard drive backup unit.

December 2010 JKHF community-wide newsletter mailed.




January -  Because of extreme ice and snow, we had to have the building shoveled off.  This was performed by the Kendrick High School Basketball Team.  Ice plugged the drain and the roof flooded in the next few weeks.  It flooded the museum but fortunately no displays were affected.  Thanks to Bob and Lois Thomas Iller we will have funding to repair the damage.

February -  We were pleased to host the new Elementary School History Club at the museum.

May 27thJKHF had the museum open for Locust Blossom Festival with T Shirts and Butcher Apron for sale.

June 24th - Enjoyed another wonderful pig roast at Southwick Community Center.

July - Kelly Emo is finishing brick work and damage to the leaky roof.

Kim and Lee Cannon have finished the new electrical service for the building.  Thank you Inland Northwest Community Foundation.

A new mural depicting the Kendrick Depot and Train was made possible by a Latah Community Arts and Culture grant.

October - Jan & Jerry provided new paint for the front doors.



2012 PROJECT Contributors: Kendrick Fraternal Temple 2nd Floor (our future home) & Brick Repair Gifting: TDS, Tri-State Outfitters-Idaho's Most Interesting Store, Juliaetta's Zion Lutheran Church, Clearwater Power Company, Avista Power, Moneysaver, J-K Walking Tour: Latah County Arts & Culture Committee, J-K Recreation District, Kendrick Lions Club and Idaho Community Foundation's Northern Region Greatest Need Fund

January 17, 2012 Latah County Historical Society contributed surplus display panels.

Beginning Feb. 2012 K-J Historical Tour Plan: Provide 30 K-J "Business" and 35 "Home" tour signs, update tour booklet and provide an expanded informational DVD on Kendrick and on Juliaetta sites. Kendrick Publications & K-J home sign installation will occur in 2013 and Juliaetta publications to occur in 2014.

May 26, 2012 Kendrick's Locust Blossom Festival participation at the Grange building and in an outdoor booth. Our "Leland History" publication became available.

June 20, 2012 32 IIo Vollmer Historical Society members received a Fraternal Temple building and Kendrick Tour .

July 28, 2012 38 Bunchgrass & Canyon Tour persons received a Fraternal Temple building and Kendrick tour.

Aug. 11, 2012 Sold our publications at the Lewis-Clark Air Festival & at a And Books Too "Leland History" book signing event.

Sept. 8, 2012 Juliaetta Blackberry Festival booth participation.

Fall 2012 Kendrick's Fraternal Temple building was included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Oct. 2012 Completed Fraternal Temple updates:
1.) a 2,650 sq. ft. blanket of attic insulation changing the R value from 0 to 38!
2.) JKHF’s public use “Grand Room” (1,980 square feet) also received wall insulation and sheetrock.
3.) JKHF's archive sorting room received wall insulation and sheetrock.

Dec. 2012 283 average volunteer hours per month contributed toward our projects



Collecting the newspapers in our service area with the vision of posting them digitally—including a word search option, has received the Juliaetta-Kendrick Heritage Foundation (JKHF) attention since 2011. The following people and many general public newspaper donations have propelled this project to this impressive point.

Kendrick Gazette owner LuJane Nisse lifted the newspaper's copyright restrictions (editions beyond Jan. 1923) for this JKHF project.

Kai Eiselein donated over 75 Kendrick volumes of published newspapers that each Kendrick publisher archived over the years. Each volume covers a year in time and is in pristine condition.

Acquiring diverse funding made this approximately $10,000.00 valued microfilm to pdf digitization project a reality. The project value includes over $5,000.00 of donated labor that has thus far been provided. Two different grant parameters has caused this newspaper digitization project to have two completion dates.
In 2013 the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded the Idaho State Historical Society (ISHS) a $277,000 grant to begin digitizing 20% of the Society's rich collection of historic newspapers from around the state. Kendrick's about 1,166 issues--7,000 newspaper pages, (6.5 microfilm reels) between 1890 - Jan. 1923 was selected to be part of this project. When completed in two years, (Aug. 31, 2015) the pages will be available to the public online, free of charge. Better yet, the entire collection will be keyword searchable. This digital resource will be permanently maintained at the Library of Congress and also available on this site with the same free, word searchable options.
The National Historical Publications & Records Commission provided JKHF partial project funding on Sept. 15, 2014 to digitize the balance (approximately 7,500 issues--45,000 pages and 40 reels) of the Kendrick (post 1922) and Juliaetta ISHS microfilm newspaper holdings. This project phase with downloads to our website IS NOW completed and available free with word search capabilities using the above links on this page. Latah County Arts and Culture Committee Nov. 2014 funding also contributed in a big way to this project phase. Additional project funding thanks goes out to the John M. & Leslie L. Woodward Foundation. JKHF publication funds covered the balance of this project phase expenses.

Where To From Here?
Distribution of the entire data base will be made to other research localities -- Latah County Historical Society, Latah County Library District, University of Idaho Archives and Special Collections Library, Library of Congress, Kendrick School District.
The ISHS 47 reels of microfilmed newspapers contains gaps. Our hardcopy archives will be tapped to fill-in those non-digitized editions and get them on line. Designated project funding donations for this need is being accepted.
We continue to need from you especially early editions. Also wanted is the 1904 "The Canyon Echo" Kendrick paper. Juliaetta had a number of newspapers: The Gem, The Potlatch, The Juliaetta Advance, The Free Potlatch Press, The Register, The Potlatch Herald, The Juliaetta Enterprise, The Independent, The Juliaetta Record, and the Juliaetta Sun. We only have copies of a few of the later newspapers. Cameron had The Potlatch Herald and Wyckliff Smith published the Potlatch Herald for Southwick also.

JKHF Project Contact: JKHF Board

A key digitization partner in this project has been Integra Paperless Business Solutions . They are FANTASTIC to work with! We look forward to continuing to use them in ALL future media conversion to a digital format needs. If you have a similar preservation need to your media we encourage you to contact them.

January 15, 2009 JKHF established. January 26, 2009 Kendrick Depot Slide Show presented to Kendrick City Council.
February 5, 2009 State of ID granted JKHF their nonprofit status.
Spring 2009 Historical Power Point of Kendrick Swimming Pool provided for City of Kendrick committee.
May 30, 2009 Kendrick's Locust Blossom Festival booth participation.
June 12, 2009 Latah County Arts & Culture Committee grant received for scanner.
July 9, 2009 Power Point of "History of Kendrick's Businesses" made available.
Aug. 12, 2009 K-J Community Development Association gift received for oral history. September 3, 2009 IRS granted the JKHF their 501c (3) non-profit status
September 12, 2009 Juliaetta Blackberry Festival booth participation.
October 2009 "Night of Memories" program showcasing Kendrick's downtown businesses from the late 1800s to the present day.
December 17, 2009 Latah County Community Foundation grant of $500.00 received for a display unit.


January 11, 2011 JKHF's web site went on-line.

January 31, 2011 Preservation efforts to the Kendrick Fraternal Temple resulted in a nomination to the National Register listing.

March 23, 2011 Latah County Arts & Culture Committee grant received for digital frame unit.

April 1, 2011 Leland Cemetery on-line research and resident details are current with Southwick Cemetery now being given attention.

May 1, 2011 Sales of our book publication "Letters From the Front" Volume II began.

May 16, 2011 Moneysaver grant received for Fraternal Temple building remodel.

May 28, 2011 Kendrick's Locust Blossom Festival booth & Kendrick Fraternal Temple military exhibit & WWII "Meet & Greet" event.

July 1, 2011 Latah County Community Foundation funded money for tables.

July 7, 2011 Latah County Commissioners granted funds for Kendrick Grange building restorations.

August 18, 2011 Juliaetta's Historical Collection Event--6 contributors.

September 10, 2011 Juliaetta Blackberry Festival booth participation.

November 2011 Avista Corp. and Paul Kimmell provides us with a surplus computer.

November 18, 2011 JKHF Annual Newsletter is distributed using postal and e-mail modes to about 1500 contacts.


2014 PROJECT Contributors for: Kendrick Fraternal Temple 2nd Floor (our future home) & Brick Repair & Front Entry Gifting: Clearwater Power Company, Cannon Electric, Potlatch Corporation, J-K Recreation District, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Inland NW Community Foundation-Community Strategies Grant, TDS, Moneysaver, Newspaper Digitization: John M & Leslie L. Woodward Foundation, Latah County Arts & Culture Committee, National Historical Publications & Records Commission - completion Dec. 16, 2014, Idaho State Historical Society and National Endowment for the Humanities/Library of Congress newspaper digitization grant - completion Aug. 31, 2015 Juliaetta Historical Tour: Statewide Education Philanthropic Gift Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation, Latah County Arts & Culture Committee.

January 2014  Facebook presence was acquired and is maintained thanks to Sharon Harris.

March 2014 Larry & Sharon Harvey's computer donation and Doug Crockett's computer software and installation donation resulted in a computer containing all of our digital material for our Research Center area.

April 2014 Cemetery signage provided for Cameron Cemetery, Leland Cemetery, Wild Rose Cemetery.

May 2014 7,000 Kendrick Gazette newspaper pages placed on the semi-final list to receive microfilm to pdf conversions through the Idaho State Historical Society grant received through the National Endowment for the National Endowment for the Humanities/Library of Congress newspaper digitization project.

May 31, 2014 Kendrick's Locust Blossom Festival participation with an outdoor booth promoting Southwick and in the Grange building with displays of our Potlatch Telephone Co. switchboard, Historical Horse Tack including Hamley & Co. Kendrick made items, local high school year books.

Summer 2014 Kendrick Downtown/Business Historical District application process began.

June 28, 2014 Canyons & Bunchgrass Historic Tour of South Latah County participation with 50 people on the tour viewing our Early Days of Kendrick DVD.
June - July 2014 Southwick Historical & Community Center building June 28th work party clean up event and July 14th BBQ fundraiser participation.

Sept. 6, 2014 Juliaetta Blackberry Festival booth participation.

Fall 2014 JKHF Fraternal Temple 2nd Floor Museum and Research Center set up began.

Nov. 2014 7,500 Kendrick and Juliaetta newspapers from 1890 - 1998 have been digitized to a pdf format and searchable and are now available for viewing on our web site.

Dec. 20, 2014 Juliaetta Historical Tour booklet and Early Days of Juliaetta DVD available for purchase.


March 11, 2015 Kendrick Historical District informational public meeting 
Thanks to grants from the following, our work went forward:  Inland Northwest Community Foundation, Idaho Community Foundation, Latah County Community Foundation, Precious Gifts for Charity, Moscow Rotary Club, Hill & Valley Garden Club, Potlatch Corp.
April, 25, 2015 JKHF Museum & Resource Center Open House
May 26, 2015  Locust Blossom Festival with our museum open and historical displays on the main floor.
June 2, 2015 Sharon Harris, JKHF President, is Idaho State Historical Society Recipient of Prestigious 'Esto Perpetua' award. The "Esto Perpetua" award is presented this year to nine individuals and two organizations for outstanding accomplishments in preserving and promoting Idaho's heritage.
July 31, 2015  Upstairs plumbing projects, including a working restroom and a utility room with a deep sink were completed.  These projects were under the direction of Chris Kowrach and Vikki Christensen.  These two items are a wonderful addition since water had to be hauled up the stairs from downstairs sources for every need.  Thank you Northern Region Greatest Need Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation for bathroom and utility room funding.
August 21, 2015  Two heat pump systems were installed by the low bidder, Redinger Heating and Cooling of Moscow.  To have a heated work space is a dream come true. Thank you Inland Northwest Community Foundation for 2015 heat pump funding. 
August 22, 2015  Participated in Southwick Center event
September 8, 2015  Booth and display at Juliaetta Blackberry Festival.
September 9, 2015  Kelly Emo, Mason, completes the east side repairs to the Fraternal temple.  Funding was provided by Latah County Community Foundation, Kendrick Grange, J-K Recreation District, Hill & Valley Garden Club, Inland Northwest Community Foundation, and Idaho Community Foundation.  Our gratitude can never be expressed deeply enough.
September 29, 2015  Electrician Lee Cannon completes the upstairs wiring project replacing old knob and tube wiring.  Lee has donated hundreds of hours to this project and is a star volunteer.  Thank you Latah County Community Foundation and Clearwater Power Company for funding you have provided.


April – Sponsored Civilian Conservation Corp program presented by Ivar Nelson
            Ordered long sleeved T Shirts with Steam Engine Logo
            Ordered JKHF Tote Bags for Locust Blossom Festival
May -  Sponsored a Night at the Museum” for the History Club to display their projects.
           Released our new book “Tales Worth Remembering,” a collection of historical short stories.
October - Installed plexiglas windows in museum and top floor.  Thanks to a grant from Latah 
          County Community Foundation.
November - Purchased three stand alone picture displays and began filling them.


Wrote and published the History of Texas Ridge

Covid 19 prevented Locust Blossom Festival and Blackberry Festival and caused the museum to be closed a good deal of the time.

Completed the first stage of a signage project for all public schools in the area.  We will erect the signage in the spring 2021.

Wrote and published another edition of Tales Worth Remembering.

Received many requests for information and research on former families of the area.



We published two more books: "American Ridge, the Land and the People" and "Tales Worth Remembering - Volume 4.

We were able to be open during Locust Blossom Festival as well as the July Vintage Car Show, with many appreciative visitors coming to the museum.

Keep working on the signage project to mark the sites of old schools and churches.  Have published a tour booklet for the project.


Wrote two more historical books.  Tales Worth Remembering Volume 5 and Big Bear Ridge.

Finalized the signage project denoting old schools and churches in the area.  Published a tour book to go with the project.

We finally had a full-blown Locust Blossom Festival, complete with the first Fly-over planes.  We had booths at both the Locust Blossom Festival and the Blackberry Festival.  We also had a table at the 100th year celebration of the Bear Ridge Community Hall.

Provided large historic photos of the area for the Community Center.  They are on canvas and help with the bad acoustics in the building.

We started a project to contribute to “Find a Grave.”  We will post obituaries, pictures and information on people buried in this area.

Continued working on our archives gathering and sorting data for filing.

Participated in the Community Building Day getting youth to help with various projects.


2013 PROJECT Contributors: Kendrick Fraternal Temple 2nd Floor (our future home) & Brick Repair Gifting: Clearwater Power Company, Cannon Electric, Potlatch Corporation, Tri-StateOutfitters in Moscow & Lewiston, J-K Recreation District, Avista Power Foundation, Latah County Community Foundation, Northwest Farm Credit Services

February 14, 2013 JKHF members Loeda Reil and Bev Thon provided a informational Cemetery Research and Writing History program to 20 Twin Rivers Genealogy Society members in Lewiston ID.

May 25, 2013 Kendrick's Locust Blossom Festival participation at the Grange building and in an outdoor booth. Our "Southwick and Cedar Ridge History" publication and Early Days of Kendrick DVD was available for purchase.

June 2013 Kendrick's Historical Tour booklet 36 page publication available for purchase.
Sept. 14, 2013 Juliaetta Blackberry Festival booth participation.

Oct. 2013 Juliaetta & Kendrick City Historians: We now officially hold that designation in each city.

Oct. 24. 2013 Partnered with Gritman Medical Center in providing a Kendrick medical history display at their Kendrick Conversations evening event where the new Kendrick Family Care Clinic building design was unveiled. A mid-December move will occur to the former Kendrick Theater site--two doors down from the present Kendrick Family Care Clinic location.

Installed plexiglass windows with a grant from Latah County Community Foundation and renovated the stairway to the entrance.

April 6th sponsored a catered Open House at the Museum.  Served pulled pork, salads,and dessert.

Ordered and installed more stand up display units for the museum.

Participated in Locust Blossom Festival, Blackbery Festival, and Recruitment Night at the Park.

Helped sponsor a historical writing project for the 4th - 6th Grades at Juliaetta Elementary with a grant from Idaho Community Foundation and Latah Arts Council.

Published another edition of  Tales Worth Remembering

October 14  High School Seniors gave us a hand at the museum with heavy tasks on Community Building Day.

September 2015  Displayed historical artifacts at the Juliaetta Blackberry Festival.  Sharon Harris attended a Teach to Lead Summit in Long Beach,California with Angie Tweit and Jessica Clemenhagen  in preparation of forming a history club and getting local history curriculum into our school district.

May 28, 2016  Open house on Locust Blossom Festival Day.

May 13, 2016  Thank you Inland Northwest Community Foundation for funding our electrical project with a grant of $7,700.00.  Thank you Daily News for the 1/2 page ad for the museum.  Friday the 13th was a good day for us!

April 20, 2016  Thank you Potlatch Corp for funding $300.00 toward a Standing Pictorial Display Unit.

April 16, 2016  Annual Open House.  Dedicated the timeline to Bob and Lois(Thomas) Iller.

March 21, 2016  Handicapped access to the museum becomes a reality.  Two Acorn Stairlifts are installed and working thanks to Lee Cannon for the labor and the donations of Hermy Meyer, Margie Silflow, Moscow Rotary Club, Joyce Brocke and DeWayne Ward.

Febrary-March 2016  Thank you Clearwater Power Company for your support of $250.00 and Latah County Arts Committee for funding of $500.00 for our historial mural.


We published two more books.  Tales Worth Rememberin Volume 6 and the History of Cameron.

Our building lost its water supply as the 120-year-old pipes broke.  It cost $15,000 to replace the water pipes, which involved digging up the sidewalk and street adjacent to the building.  

Then we discovered termites eating away at the wood in the ground section.  That was an additional $3500.  

We did only got one grant awarded to us, which was from JK Recreation District to help replace the roof.  We could not go ahead with the $50,000 project but were grateful for the $10,000 award.

We continue to have many people tour the museum.

Our fundraising was very successful as people opened their hearts and pocketbooks to help us out in a bad situation.