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Cemetery and Grave Listing in Latah County(Source:
 Cemeteries of Latah County (Source: USGenWeb)                                                        Latah County (Source: The Tombstone Transcription Project) 

 Latah County Idaho Cemetery Transcription & Photo Project (Source: The American History and Genealogy Project) Latah County Cemeteries (Source: ePodunk)
 Latah County Cemetery List (Source: Find A Grave)
Latah County Cemetery Transcriptions 
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LOCATION of Latah County Cemeteries

American Ridge Cemetery - N of Juliaetta on lower American Ridge Rd
Avon Cemetery - SE of Avon
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery - 5.6 m NE of Kendrick on Bear Ridge
Bethel Cemetery - between Troy and Kendrick, mile post 7
Blaine Road Family Cemetery (two burials) - Moscow
Bovill Cemetery - W of Bovill
Buchanan Cemetery -  about 2 m S of Joel
Buelah Cemetery - Troy
Burnt Ridge Cemetery -  E of Troy on Burnt Ridge Road
Cordelia Lutheran Churchyard Cemetery (four graves) -  about 2.5 m S of Joel
Dry Creek Cemetery -  between Troy and Deary
Elwood Cemetery -  SE of Deary on Texas Ridge Road
Fix Ridge Cemetery  - NE of Genesee
Freeze Cemetery -  2.5 m N of Potlatch junction on Hwy 95
Genesee City Cemetery -  Genesee
Genesee Valley Lutheran Cemetery -  4 m N of Genesee junction on Hwy 95
Gold Hill Cemetery -  about 11 m E of Kendrick off of Cedar Creek Road
Juliaetta Cemetery -  just N of Juliaetta
Little Bear Cemetery -  between Troy and Kendrick on Little Bear Ridge
Mendenhall Cemetery -  about 5.5 m N of Harvard on Hwy 6
Moose Creek Road Cemetery -  Bovill
Moscow Cemetery -  Moscow
Mtn View (incl. old burials from EA Breeding farm in Latah Co.) - S of Farminton,                                                                                                     Whitman Co., WA
Old Ross Family Cemetery (Yellow Rose Cemetery) - Lenville district
Onaway Cemetery - Onaway
Overacker Cemetery - about 7 m E of Genesee
Park Cemetery - about 8 m S of Helmer on Park Road
Pine Crest Cemetery - Deary
Potlatch Cemetery -  Potlatch
Rock Creek Cemetery - 3.2 m SE of Potlatch
Spencer Cemetery - near Troy
St John's Lutheran Cemetery -  Genesee
St Mary's Catholic Cemetery - Genesee
Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery -  Moscow
Thorncreek Cemetery - about 8 m S of Moscow on road to Uniontown, WA
Viola Cemetery -  Viola
Wild Rose Cemetery - 7 m NE of Kendrick
Woodfell Cemetery - go east through Harvard, take a left on Woodfell Lane, there is a        swiss chalet style house there.. once you take that left, then stay to the left, go          across a small bridge and there it is
Zion Lutheran Cemetery - Deary


Cemetery and Grave Listing in Nez Perce County (Source:
Nez Perce County (Source: The Tombstone Transcription Project)
Nez Perce County Idaho Cemetery Transcription & Photo Project (Source: The                                        American History and Genealogy Project)
Nez Perce County Cemeteries (Source: ePodunk)
Nez Perce C ounty Cemetery List(Source: Find A Grave)

                        LOCATION of Nez Perce County Cemeteries
Angel Ridge Cemetery
Bertha Newby Grave - Lewiston Hill, N of Lewiston
Bredell Family - burial ground near Spalding
Broncheau burial ground - behind Post Office in Spalding
Cameron Cemetery - 5 miles SE of Kendrick T38N, R2W, Sec 27
Coyote Grade Cemetery-  about 9 miles E of Lewiston
Craig Cemetery (Jacques Spur Cemetery) - Culdesac
Culdesac Cemetery - Culdesac
Gifford Cemetery - just N of Gifford
Good Hope Lutheran Church Cemetery - about 2.5 miles S of Gifford
Grant Family Cemetery - about 1 mile N of Lapwai
Indian burial ground - 2 miles W of Spalding
John Silcott - burial plot NW of Lewiston T36N, R6W, Sec 25
Kendrick City Cemetery - about 1.3 miles SE of Kendrick T38N, R3W, Sec 25
Lapwai Cemetery - Lapwai
Leland Cemetery - Leland 7 miles SE of Kendrick
Lewis - Clark Memorial Gardens - 3521 7th St., Lewiston
Lewiston Cemetery - Lewiston
Lookout Cemetery - Lookout
Maggie Williams Family Cemetery- about 7 miles SE of Genesee, Tombstone Ranch
Magpie (Myrtle or Glasby) Cemetery - about 3 miles SE of Myrtle T36N, R3W, Sec 11
Melrose Cemetery - Melrose
Missouri Synod Church Cemetery - 4 miles SE of Gifford T35N, R1W, Sec 6
Nez Perce Methodist Episcopal Church- Lapwai
Normal Hill Cemetery - Lewiston
Old Peck Cemetery - Peck
Red Elk Cemetery - near Webb, SE of Lewiston
Sams Family burial ground - near Agatha School site, W of Lenore
Slickpoo Cemetery St. Joseph Mission - Lapwai
Southwick Cemetery (Pine Hill Cemetery) Southwick 12 miles SE Kendrick
Spalding Cemetery - Spalding
Spalding Family - burial ground near Agatha School site, W of Lenore
Spalding Indian Cemetery - Spalding
Sunnyside Cemetery (Lenore Cemetery) - E of Lenore T37N, R1W, Sec 32
Sweetwater Cemetery - Sweetwater
Upper Tammany Cemetery - 2 miles S of Lewiston T34N, R4W, Sec 7
Vaughn Grade Cemetery - about 4 miles N of Lenore T37N, R2W, Sec 24
Webb Indian Cemetery - Webb Ridge

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