Letters from the Front -- Volume II

Volume II is written in the same format as "Letters from the Front-Volume I". This 424 page book covers the WWII letters written home and published in the Kendrick Gazette during the time period prior to 1945. Biographical data is provided on 79 soldiers with historic WWII details and pictures. Link: Vol. II Table of Contents

This historical book can belong to you with a $25.00 minimum JKHF donation. Please add $5.00/book if a mailing is needed. An order can also be made directly to the J-K Heritage Foundation, Box 37, Kendrick ID 83537 or by contacting Sharon Harris at 208-289-4622 or 25skharris@gmail.com         



"Southwick and Cedar Ridge History  $40.00.

Mailing add $5.00/book. Contact: Sharon Harris(25skharris@gmail.com) or

P.O. Box 37 Kendrick ID 83537.Southwick is about 11 miles up a grade from

the North-Central Idaho valley community of Kendrick resting atop

Potlatch Ridge. This book tells of the homesteaders, who started

arriving in the early 1880s, that wrote home about the rich, fertile farming and timbered areas. Southwick grew to be a major community in the early 1900s. Families traveled the few miles from the Cedar Ridge area to obtain supplies in Southwick. Multiple factors contributed to the community's decline making it now is a pleasant ghost town which boasts the only store front property- The Southwick Center- left on the ridges as you travel the road between Kendrick and Orofino. Homes continue to be intermingled between a few agricultural businesses and a church. 

                                       Leland History - A Pioneer History   $33.00

                                         Leland is located six miles up a grade from the North-Central                                                      Idaho valley community of Kendrick resting atop Potlatch                                                            Ridge. It is nearly a ghost town today with a claim to six                                                              dwellings, one church, and one business. JKHF's 400 plus page                                                    historical publication merges past history with present                                                                realities. Numerous documenting pictures and revealing stories                                                    paint a vivid picture of the characters, families, decisions, and                                                    events that shaped this Idaho territorial footprint called                                                              Leland. 

In its heyday, lasting from 1890 to 1930, the town contributed a significant population base to the county. The Methodists established a church in 1890 holding their services in the town’s schoolhouse. Their last church, built in 1930, is the only church these days that offers religious services in Leland. The sole business, currently in town, survives by providing chemicals to the surrounding farmers.

To order send $33.00/book ($38.00 if mailed) to JKHF Postal address: P.O. Box 37 Kendrick, ID 83537. For additional details contact: Sharon Harris 25skharris@gmail.com (208) 289-4622. 

Letters from the Front -- Volume I 

                                                For many years, the folks living in the North Central Idaho valley                                                 communities of Kendrick, Juliaetta, and along their bordering                                                       seven ridges subscribed to the Kendrick Gazette newspaper.                                                         During WWII, Bill (Mac) McCreary, the editor, sent his newspaper                                                 to our local soldiers. During that time, letters Mac received from                                                 service people and their families became part of the paper.

                                                “Letters From the Front-Volume I" is a reprint of the 1945 WWII                                                   letters published by the Kendrick Gazette. This 387 page book                                                     also contains numerous pictures and 97 soldier biographical                                                         sketches. It is dedicated to the ten local soldiers who gave the                                                     ultimate sacrifice of their life to this war. 

You can acquire this book with a minimum $25.00 JKHF contribution. Please add $5.00/book if a mailing is needed. An order can also be made directly to the J-K Heritage Foundation, Box 37, Kendrick ID 83537 or contact Sharon Harris at 25skharris@gmail.com or 208-289-4622.

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 Historical Tour Booklets

The 40 selected Kendrick businesses and early homes in this 36-page publication can be viewed with a click on the above link. Pictures, unique tidbits of information, and vivid descriptions all contribute toward an understanding of what and who played a part in establishing and sustaining Kendrick beginning before 1890. A booklet map allows for a walking and/or a vehicle tour.  Simple Joys Antiques & Gifts is a local vendor. For a mailing add $2.00/booklet mailed when you contact Sharon Harris. She also is the contact for guided group tours to discuss rates and availability.

  Juliaetta Historical Tour: Price: $5.00 + $2.00 shipping if needed. See information on "Home Page".

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All of these DVDs are based on historical Kendrick & Juliaetta, and the surrounding areas. Kendrick, Juliaetta, and Early Trams have been produced by Marsha Schoeffler. They enhance and expand the 1880 - 1950 data provided in the Historical Tour Booklets.


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