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History Shows us  

 Who we were...

Who we are...and Who we may become

  Your loved one can have a permanent pictorial memorial at the museum for as little as a $25.00 donation.
  We are also featuring a section of special donors who give $500 or more called the "Honor Roll".
  This month we give a
special shout out to Bob
and Lois Thomas Iller for
their incredible genero-
sity and the loving sup-
port they have provided.

Back: Jerry Galloway, Project Chair; Loeda Reil, Treasurer;Front: Sharon Harris, Pres.; Mark Mustoe, V.Pres.; Jan Patterson, Sec.

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Juliaetta - Kendrick



614 Main Street, Box 37 Kendrick,, ID 83537

A History of Texas Ridge  $30.00 Add $5 to mail.